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Not this year. Let 'em take it a little and when you feel the weight instead of the nibble, set the hook. When you fish plastics, twister tails, tube baits and worms, again, go slow.

Sayner wi adult personals

Pay attention as your jig comes thru those ei weeds, ', as the bite will come as the jig is tipping thru on the bottom of the patch. Our minnows come direct from trappers in central Wisconsin. To order your flats in dirt or bedding please call ahead at the Minocqua shop at Beautiful healthy fish.

Sayner wi adult personals

Just over the last few days have the gills started biting, to the point of annoyance. We are doing our best to keep the prices low.

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Crawlers went up this year for a myriad of reasons. Come on on up. Sometimes the leeches and crawlers have to be left in the cooler cuz the gills just eat them up before they can get to the intended quarry.

Sayner wi adult personals

We been getting a few Walleye on half a crawler. Throw that rig right into the weeds and slowly, I mean slowly, bring it thru the weeds. Its good to see though as that means those bigger dudes will follow.

If you don't get a response, as they are very busy, you can always call back or call me at It is still a very light bite though. Normally bluegill pester the heck out of us.

Sayner wi adult personals

Walleyes are peraonals starting to come into the weeds next to or in the mud. And there wasn't much wind on a sunny day so we saw most of the hits. Everyday we go out now we catch a PILE of fish. Some of my favorite haunts are still behind schedule.

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It's like its the end of May, beginning of June. The fishing is great and the weather has been incredible.

We been putting a dozen or more in the livewell everyday now. The perch are starting to get active on those deep green weedlines.

Sayner wi adult personals

FYI 2, our jumbo crawlers come directly from Canada. When you start catching a bunch of little perch spend some extra time there trying for Walleye. Northern have been on fire all year but now even more.

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The Mom in the boat put 3 bass in the boat over 4 lbs. But I believe we haven't even hit the best bite yet. We popped over two dozen a few days ago throwing spinner baits and chatter baits.

Sayner wi adult personals

The methods we are using vary. Remember a crawler or little minnow doesn't move very fast in the water. We are now in the middle of hammertime. Two major DNR regs to be aware of are that they extended the walleye no harvest rules sayner wi adult personals the Minocqua chain and changed the Cherry babes Chain saynee a size exempt water to the normal state 15" rules.

Of course some places we gotta catch a million dinks before we get a big one but hey, that's all good in my book.

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Although it can be extra frustrating when you can see them swimming around and they still won't bite. Nice ones too, in the " range.

Those little devils can dictate how we fish. We caught some real nice gills today but to saner to the bass and walleye we had to switch to plastics. Alright, that's it for now.

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Drive safe, be safe and leave some for next time. Our methods vary, more on that in a bit, but the outcome is the same, a livewell full of future fillets. She was a fisherwoman for sure. Look adut green weeds close to deep water. Lots of fun. My answer is always "between the middle of May to the middle of June.

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We have the lowest leech prices around which come direct from Minnesota. I had a family in the boat the other day and the best method was to petsonals the crawler out outside the weeds, let it set and wait for the escort laredo region to come out and get it. Great touch and concentration. Fresher and lower priced.

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