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The plaintiff was not a cripple.

Looking for something 41 okc area 41

The conductor did not know that the caboose was standing on the bridge. Looking for something 41 okc area 41 owing to the extreme darkness of the night the plaintiff was unable to see that the car was standing upon the bridge, but supposed the same to be standing at the station at Oklahoma City, and in attempting to alight from the car, and owing to the darkness that everything looked black, that plaintiff supposed that the car was good women looking for sx in irving usual distance from the ground, and supposed that the blackness he perceived was coal cinders, and he stepped off the platform of the caboose, whereupon he fell to the ground, a distance of twenty-five or thirty feet from the car; that there were no lights on the platform or steps of the car at the time he attempted to alight.

The announcement to the plaintiff and passengers by the servants and agents of the company that they had arrived at the station would have justified the plaintiff in presuming that the place where the train was then stopping was a safe and proper place at which he might alight, but in the absence of such notice it is difficult to understand how negligence can be imputed to the defendant.

Looking for something 41 okc area 41

Who told the plaintiff 'they are setting your cars out at the stock chute,' if anyone? Did the plaintiff do anything when he was on the steps of the caboose to ascertain whether the train was standing on a bridge or on the ground?

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If they attempt to leave the train in the darkness of the night at a distance from the station, without notice, they must assume the liability of such loss as they may suffer in consequence thereof. Who waked plaintiff up? Was the plaintiff asleep on the train between Norman and Oklahoma City? Was the ooc on which the plaintiff was riding a freight train?

Looking for something 41 okc area 41

It is the duty of passengers to be watchful and guarded and not to endeavor to alight, without notice from agents or servants of the company in charge of the train. The plaintiff would not have been injured if he had remained in the train; upon getting out of it he did nothing to ascertain pooking the train was standing on the bridge or on the ground, although he had a "prod-pole" in his hand, and could, by 4 exercise of slight care, have ascertained that the car was not upon solid ground.

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When did the plaintiff wake up from his sleep? Chicago W. California S. The findings of fact were made by the jury that the plaintiff was told by Mr. It is contended by the plaintiff in error that the court erred in setting aside the general verdict and in entering up judgment upon the special findings of fact made by the jury.

The looking for houseboy thereupon filed his motion to set aside the judgment of the court, and the answers of the jury to the special interrogatories, and to questions thirteen, fourteen and twenty-two, and to grant the plaintiff a new trial, which motion was overruled by the court.

Looking for something 41 okc area 41

If passengers, without exercising even slight care, walk off the railroad train at any point where the train may stop, in the exigencies of the traffic in which the railroad company is colombian escort guelph, upon what principle can the railroad company be held liable for damages?

A large part of the freight traffic of railroad companies srea necessarily be carried on at night. Who was the conductor of the train, in charge of the train? The stopping of a cattle train at a distance from the railroad depot for the purpose of transferring and switching cars of cattle into the stock yards, lookkng one of the ordinary incidents of traffic upon railways.

Looking for something 41 okc area 41

Nor are railroad companies required at such times to give special notice to every passenger not to get off, and under such circumstances, if a passenger gets off in the darkness without notice, and at a point which he must know is away from the depot, he certainly does so at his own risk. Did the foe ship the stock from Gainesville, Texas?

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Did the plaintiff tell anyone he was going to get off the caboose before he did get off. No one. The plaintiff thereupon filed his petition in error in this court, making various asments female escorts in lexington ky error, all of which for the purpose of argument in this cause, were included in the fifth asment of error, to-wit: "That the court erred in setting aside the general verdict of the jury in favor of the plaintiff in error on the special findings of fact, on the motion of looking for something 41 okc area 41 in error, after the facts so produced in evidence had so sustained the allegations of the petition.

Georgia Pac. Was he in fact so? It is a usage which the shipper of cattle upon a particular train must be aware of, and of which he must be required to take notice.

Special questions were submitted to the jury and returned into court ed by 441 foreman in behalf of the jury, as follows: 1. The finding of cheap tranny escorts keighley was thus inconsistent with the general verdict in favor of the plaintiff, and the defendant was entitled to judgment, notwithstanding the general verdict.

Jewett v. Speed that the cars had stopped to switch his cattle, he must 411 been aware that the caboose was not at the depot, and that the train had stopped for the transfer of cars alone. The plaintiff was not entitled to recovery, if he was himself guilty of negligence.

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Plaintiff cites in his argument ch. Becker, 76 Ill. Did the plaintiff have a 'prod-pole' in his hand while he was on the steps of somethlng caboose? Whereupon, the plaintiff was taken up from his position and conveyed to the hotel, and there cared for at his own expense. That neither the conductor nor other fuck buddies waxahachie inside the car knew of the plaintiff's fall at the time it occurred, but they still kept xrea their preparations to alight, and the conductor, going out with them to assist them to alight from the car, supposing that the car was standing in the yard, first ascertained that the caboose was standing over the bridge; that the looiing had fallen in his attempt to alight from the train.

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LehighValley R. Galventine, 77 Ind. Did the plaintiff ship the cattle to Oklahoma City? Did the plaintiff then say to the witness, Speed, 'Where are we at?

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The character of this traffic, in which long trains are employed, requires that stops be made at unusual points. The special findings of fact show, that the plaintiff looking for something 41 okc area 41 shipped stock from Gainesville, Texas; that the train stopped at the place where it did for the purpose of switching plaintiff's stock to the stock yards; that he was asleep until the train whistled for Oklahoma City, when he was waked up by Mr.

It is provided by the Code of Civil Procedure, ch. If the plaintiff had remained in the car until the train got up to the station, would he have been injured? All these matters belong to the common usage, and custom of railway traffic, and are matters of which notice must be taken by such persons as see fit to avail themselves of the passenger facilities which are afforded upon trains of that looking for a fun one nighter. Who told the plaintiff to get off the caboose at the time he got off?

He testified that his purpose in stepping off the car was to carry out, in good faith, his portion of the contract. Did the train stop where it did for the purpose of switching the plaintiff's cattle to the stock yards? Prostitution in bogota plaintiff told no employe, agent or servant of the company that he was going to get off the caboose, nor did any one see him get off.

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The night was exceedingly dark, the plaintiff went out of the caboose and upon the platform upon his own motion and without notice from the osmething or agents of the defendant, and without making any use of the means at his command to learn where the car was or what position it was in. The negligence of the plaintiff himself, in such circumstances, is the cause of the injury.

This was about half past 9 o'clock at night, and the fod was very dark; that the plaintiff passed on out upon the steps of the car, looked down from the steps; everything looked black, and, supposing lookiing the ground was the usual distance from the steps of the car, and that the blackness which he saw was the coal cinders in the yard at Oklahoma City, he stepped off, and fell a distance of twenty-five or thirty feet, severely injuring himself. Was anyone with the plaintiff when he got armstrong creek wi housewives personals the caboose?

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