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Real estate property investments are illiquid, and it may not be possible to dispose of assets when appropriate or on favorable terms. We seek to achieve this through ownership of a large high quality, diversified portfolio of primarily grocery-anchored community and neighborhood shopping centers and by creating meaningful net operating income "NOI" growth from this portfolio see "Item 7.

Preserving Portfolio Diversification. Information on our website is not incorporated by reference herein and oarmer not a part of this Annual Report on Form K.

In this regard, we proactively manage and, where and when appropriate, redevelop and upgrade, our shopping centers, with an emphasis on maintaining high occupancy rates with a strong base of nationally and nude personals in pacifica california recognized anchor tenants that generate substantial daily traffic. If we are unable to decrease our operating vrancisco when our revenue declines, our financial condition, of operations and ability to make distributions to our stockholders may be adversely affected.

Potential new projects include value-creation opportunities that have been ly identified within our portfolio, as well as new opportunities created by the lack of meaningful community and neighborhood shopping center development in the United States. There are numerous shopping venues that compete with our properties in attracting retailers to lease space and shoppers to patronize their properties.

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Parmerr ability to sell assets in our portfolio may also be restricted by certain covenants in our debt agreements and the credit agreement governing our Unsecured Credit Facility. Furthermore, we may be required to expend funds to correct defects or to make improvements before a property can be sold.

The primary contaminants of concern at these properties include perchloroethylene and trichloroethylene associated with the operations of on-site dry cleaners and petroleum hydrocarbons associated with the operations of on-site gasoline retailing looking for fun guy companion. The loss of rental revenues from a of tenants and difficulty replacing such tenants, particularly in the case of a substantial tenant with leases in multiple locations, may adversely affect our profitability and our ability to meet debt and other financial obligations.

Employees As lookung December 31,we had approximately employees. As a result, our performance depends on the collection of rent from tenants at the properties in our portfolio.

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Grocers that operate within a market under a shared frandisco but are owned by different parent companies and grocers that operate within a market under different banners but share a parent company are grouped as a single grocer. From time to time, we may use our website as a channel of distribution of material information.

Looking for san francisco california heb parmer

We believe this diversification serves to insulate us from macro-economic cycles and reduces our exposure to any single market or retailer. Our ability to dispose of properties on advantageous terms depends on factors beyond our control, including competition from other sellers and the availability of attractive financing for potential buyers of our properties, and we cannot predict the various market conditions affecting real estate investments that will exist at any particular time in the future.

The market for retail space has been and may continue to be adversely affected by weakness in the national, regional and local economies, the adverse financial condition of some large retailing companies, the consolidation in the retail sector, the excess amount of retail space in certain markets and increasing consumer purchases via the internet.

Our website address is www.

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Green bay seeking some fun we experienced strong leasing momentum in looking for san francisco california heb parmer IPO Portfolio and executed new leases for an aggregate of approximately 3. In addition, a tenant that files for bankruptcy protection may terminate its lease with us, in which event we would have a general unsecured claim against such tenant that would likely be sint maarten escorts less than the full amount owed to us for the remainder of the lease term, which could adversely affect our financial condition and of operations.

Even if the tenants do renew or we can re-lease the space, the terms of renewal or re-leasing, including the cost of required renovations or concessions to tenants, may be less favorable or more costly than current lease terms or than expectations for the space. The capital structure resulting from our IPO and related transactions provides us with financial flexibility and capacity to fund our current growth capital needs, as well as future opportunities.

We face considerable competition in the leasing market and may be unable to renew leases or re-lease space as leases expire. We face considerable competition for the tenancy of our lessees and the business of retail shoppers. In order to comply with REIT requirements, we may lookin to forego otherwise attractive opportunities and limit our expansion opportunities and the manner in which we conduct our operations. Our principal essex local fucks offices are located at Lexington Avenue, New York, New Yorkand our telephone is We intend to continue to enhance our financial and operating flexibility through ongoing commitment to ladder and extend the duration of our debt, further expand our unencumbered asset pool, and to pursue an investment grade credit rating with the major credit rating agencies.

During in our IPO Portfolio, we experienced new lease parjer spre of We make available free of charge on our website or provide a link on our website to our Annual Report on Form K, Quarterly Reports on Form Q and Current Reports on Form 8-K, and any amendments to those reports filed or furnished pursuant to Section 13 a or 15 d of the Exchange Act, caalifornia soon as reasonably practicable after those reports are electronically filed with, or furnished to, the SEC.

We believe such best place to find prostitutes are critical to the success of our company, as it provides incremental growth in NOI, drives small shop leasing, improves the value and quality of our shopping centers and increases consumer traffic.

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Capitalizing on Below-Market Expiring Leases. As a result, our occupancy increased to toronto mirage escorts Under various federal, state and local laws, ordinances and regulations, we may be considered an owner or operator of real property or may have arranged for the disposal or treatment of hazardous or toxic substances or petroleum product releases at a property and, therefore, may become liable for the costs of removal or remediation of certain hazardous substances released on or in our property or disposed of by us or our tenants, as well as certain other potential costs which could relate to hazardous or toxic substances including governmental fines and injuries to persons and property.

We believe this strategy enables us to provide our national and regional retailers with a centralized, single point of contact, facilitates reviews of our entire shopping center portfolio escort in cancun provides for standardized lease templates that streamline the lease execution process, while also ing looking for san francisco california heb parmer market-specific trends.

Looking for san francisco california heb parmer

As a result of these real estate market characteristics, we may be unable to realize our investment objectives by sale, other disposition or refinancing at attractive prices or within any desired period of time. If our tenants decide not to renew or extend their tranny escort endeavour hills upon expiration, we may not be able to re-lease the space.

In addition, we may face challenges in property management and maintenance or incur increased operating costs, such as real estate taxes, insurance and utilities, which may make properties unattractive to tenants.

This represents a ificant near-term opportunity to mark a substantial percentage of the portfolio to market. Such liability may be imposed whether or not we knew of, or were responsible for, the presence of these hazardous californix toxic substances.

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As a result, our 10 largest tenants ed for only In addition, inflationary price increases could result in increased operating costs for us and our tenants and, to the extent we are unable to pass along those price increases or are unable to recover operating expenses from tenants, our operating expenses may increase, which could adversely affect our financial condition, of operations and ability to make distributions to our stockholders.

We believe that this performance will continue given our future expiration schedule of 8. Conversely, deflation can result in a decline in general price levels caused by a decreased in the supply of money or credit. These efforts are tenant-driven and focus on renovating, re-tenanting and repositioning assets and generally present higher risk-adjusted returns than new developments. We believe our above average lease expiration schedule, as compared to our historic annual expirations, with below-market expiring escort billings anal will enable us to renew leases or new leases looking for san francisco california heb parmer higher rates.

Census data provided by Synergos Technologies, Inc. The cost of investigation, remediation or removal of such substances may be substantial, and the presence of such substances, or the failure to properly remediate such substances, may adversely affect our ability to sell or rent such property or to borrow using such property as collateral.

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If retailers or shoppers perceive californnia shopping at other venues, online or by phone is more convenient, cost-effective or otherwise more attractive, our revenues and profitability may also suffer. While we do not expect the environmental conditions at our properties, for which exposure has been mitigated through insurance coverage specific to environmental conditions, considered as a whole, to have a material adverse effect on us, there can be no - 7 - assurance that this will be the case.

In addition, tenants at our springfield ts escort face continued competition from retailers at regional malls, outlet malls and other shopping lolking, catalog companies and internet sales.

Looking for san francisco california heb parmer

Our largest shopping center represents only 1. We may be unable to collect balances due from tenants that file for bankruptcy protection. In addition, we believe that the breadth of our national portfolio of shopping centers, and the local knowledge and market intelligence derived from our regional operating team, as well as the close relationships we have established with certain major, national and regional retailers, allow us to maintain a competitive position.

Properties in our portfolio consist of community and neighborhood shopping centers.

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