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The client job cards are arranged by negative and have contact prints mounted on board with information regarding the company for whom Richie pneder making the photographs, location and date. In the higher negative series, there are also some color transparencies and color negatives. Richie initially used an aerial camera with 5 x 7-inch roll film and sometimes a smaller format camera usingor film.

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Series 5 contains oversized prints. Series 1 mostly consists of smaller black and white photographic prints: 4 x 5, 5 x 7, 8 x 10, and 11 x inches. Subjects within the collection include: Automotive.

Richie continued to develop a career in making commercial stills and motion pictures. Series 2 consists of black and white contact prints mounted on client job cards. Although he knew little about it, he started his professional career personal ads cincinnati at the age of 23 with aerial photography, which was at the time something of a novelty.

Hot personal pender island 4 phx fwb

See also series 6 for different color formats. Series 4 consists of manuscripts including some correspondence, client release forms, magazine clippings, personal photographs of Richie, and a scrapbook entitled, Eyes on Richie, and miscellaneous photographic equipment.

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Richie was married three times and had six children. Richie soon recognized that profit in photography came from repeat business.

Isand the early s, many of the wealthy spent winters at their Palm Beach, Florida estates and summers at their million dollar mansions in Newport, Rhode Island. Maloney, editor, U.

Selected Publications: Selected Robert Yarnall Richie citations for photographs published in periodicals and magazines and annual reports for numerous clients. He produced over films during his lifetime.

Robert yarnall richie photograph collection a guide to the collection

Series 6 is made up of negatives and color transparencies. Richie further branched out into shooting oil production images in such areas as Texas, Louisiana, the Gulf of Mexico, and Saudi Arabia. He also decided to diversify, particularly into advertising and industrial photography.

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Photography was a hobby for Richie when he was a boy. He remained busy, however, as US industry boomed.

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The "E" after later negative s stands for color Ektachrome film. Series 7 consists of motion picture film reels in various formats.

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How to photograph both the Statue of Liberty and the Verranzo Narrows Bridge in one shot, and make history in the process," Industrial Photography, undated T. One of his earliest commercial clients was Corning Glass Works. The negative sleeves often have important information about the client, location and date the negatives were made. Robert Yarnall Richie never retired and passed away in at age In the s, Richie used a "K" after negative s to reference Kodachrome color transparencies.

Inhe purchased a Culver Cadet monoplane enabling him to cover projects world-wide. Life magazine reviewed his work in"Never a news photographer, his keen interest in industry which he believes offers the greatest field for human-interest and dramatic photography, keeps him traveling from one end of the country to mount gambier suburb escorts.

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Richie often took unusual angle shots creating dramatic photographs of what could have been mundane subjects. Oil really has a story to tell in pictures. Later, he acquired a Linhof 4 x 5-inch view camera with several lenses of different focal lengths — sometimes to pounds of equipment to carry on asments.

Hot personal pender island 4 phx fwb

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