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You can get on to the island now.

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But I think with everybody here, I think they rescued over individuals. But it's hard to communicate right now because most of our cell service is down. When it was -- is it more than just another hurricane? I'm praying that when people get to see the damage harlow ok escorts The Keys, we don't lose anybody else down there. Well, it is a combination of state National Guard and, in fact, federal troops.

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They're trying to do search and rescue, find people in The Keys if they can. I do want to take you, though, to the Caribbean, because some of these Caribbean islands just got demolished. This area of town was developed later, so it wasn't as high as the area that we are, which is, you know, three or four blocks from here. You spoke last hour to one of the folks who helps run things down in Kings sault ste marie escort Keys.

Thomas right now? We opened up almost shelters around the state. Tell us what it was harlow ok escorts last night. We've been sending the Department of Transportation down in The Keys to inspect all the bridges, because even though you can see that people are traveling, you're not sure that on the bridges they can take any ificant weight.

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That's nothing compared to the problem of having lives lost. They're allowing people back on. We're still having in The Keys issues with getting the water started back up, sewage, and their power back up. It requires a neighborly citizen response. I think the mayor will talk about what escortss did.

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I see Governor Scott appears to be starting his press conference now. But as our Cyril Vanier told us on the French side of St.

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No power. I sent over 60 officers right here as fast as we could to help with rescue.

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I mean it has flooded into the homes, in places where they're not used to flooding like this, Nick. We already have the carriers out getting that fuel today with escorts to get it back to the gas stations.

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So at this point we're just trying to distribute based on where people tell us the damage is the worst and where people lost their roofs or their entire home. It's remarkable to see. As you know, escorys storm moved and so we -- we tried to be as aggressive as we can, opening up shelters. And so our Department of Transportation is working on that.

You need food, obviously. An hour later, it was two feet. And we have pet shelters.

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The tide started rolling in, like something I'd never seen before. But even with that, I think we're having over 30, -- I think the 's over 30, individuals from out of state are helping us get our power back on.

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Yes, it's so crazy to think that this sea is the same one that caused so much destruction. As far as harlow ok escorts know right now, FEMA's not going door to door yet because the ro aren't cleared enough. If you look at this water, first of all, this is a picture-perfect day in the Florida Keys if not for what we're experiencing here.

But Senator Marco Haelow does. Any idea, captain, what mile- marker we would be at here?

Bart's, both devastated by Irma. A lot of private businesses and we have a lot of people on the island of St.

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So he's past the point where you can get to by driving right now. We'll be doing probably two days of call with our utility companies saying, what can we do?

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I talked to the big utility companies this morning. I saw one cruise ship coming down the mountainous town this morning, but I have heard that there's another ship coming.

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Maarten, 65 percent of the homes there destroyed by Irma. I want escirts get to the Pentagon and Barbara Starr right now to get a sense of where that stands. What's the situation on the ground in St.

Harlow ok escorts

These are some, as you can see, some really impressive homes and with that price tag comes some sturdy construction. They're so -- the people are so nice to them.

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