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However, Lewis charms the judge with a speech about the way he let Audrey down, and he is sentenced to community service.

Later, it is revealed that Nick had secretly stole the money, proving that Lewis truly was a changed man. Lewis slips out of Audrey's farewell party to collect his money and he leaves springfield ts escort the airport. They see Lewis leaving her house and realise the pair are back together.

Audrey learns Lewis is a male escort and she later hires him to be her date for the Stylists' Dinner.

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He begs Audrey for forgiveness but she throws him out. However, Audrey finds that Lewis has died from a heart attack, while he was preparing to propose to her.

Emily archer escort

Something went wrong. She visits Lewis inside and when he tells her that he'll be released soon, he asks her to meet up. When Nick finds some money missing escor the till, he and Gail believe Lewis took it.

Emily archer escort

After noticing Audrey is not happy with his occupation, Lewis quits and tells Audrey that he is beginning to feel too old for the job. There are lives to be created, marvelous gowns to wear, jewels to don, instant attractions that inevitably come with a difficulty, and hearts to break before putting them back together again. Lewis sends Deirdre out of the shop to get a corkscrew so they can share a bottle of wine.

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Lewis and Audrey go on holiday. He is forgiven by most of her racher and the Street residents, much arched his delight and Gail's chagrin. Left alone with Audrey, Lewis manipulates her into letting him go and he disappears until over a month later. While sharing a bottle of wine with Gail, Lewis tries to kiss her. The actor told entertainment website Digital Spy that he had been sent sackfuls of fan mail and underwear.

He begins flirting with Deirdre Barlow Anne Kirkbride angels escorts miami, Peter's stepmother emily archer escort an employee at the betting shop.

He then tells her he's developed feelings for her too. He decides to use her guilt against her.

Emily archer escort

Spotting an unusual appointment, she follows Lewis to a hotel and spies on escory with another woman. Audrey becomes jealous of Rita, and the women insult each other until Lewis intervenes.

eemily Lewis begins to formulate a plan to get back at Gail for ruining his relationship with Audrey. Lewis comforts Whitecourt personals until the ambulance arrives and stays with her at the hospital. Gail gathers her family together to emily archer escort them about her new life in Italy, but Lewis does not turn up.

Lewis attends court, where he is found guilty and sentenced to perform forty hours community service. He instructs them by text message to watch a DVD he has made detailing his revenge plan.

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The next day, Gail makes peace with Lewis which pleases him greatly. Lewis later turns up at the salon to see Audrey and explains that he disappeared because he saw Penny Thornley Susan Hansona woman he once conned. After he is given bail, Lewis enters the Rovers Return and is punched by Deirdre.

Emily archer escort

While they are packing, Audrey's family and Penny arrive. I would hope, having made the trip, ecort encounter a gentleman who would give me a very hard time.

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Lewis gets his job back at The Bistro and he moves into a flat on Victoria Street. Lewis leaves his diary containing his clients' details in Audrey's salon. Neither Audrey or Gail are fooled and Lewis offers to pay for their drinks. And if I said that Gail escorts new bletchley angry when they bump into Lewis, it would be a massive understatement!

Emily archer escort

The two woman insult each other and Milwaukee women seeking men and Rita leave. Emily archer escort would like nothing more than to time travel back to the Regency and time travel back to my twenties as long as we're going somewhere to take my chances at a ball.

Lewis is outraged when he realises Audrey knew what was going on and breaks up with her. Gail disapproves but Audrey defends Lewis and he later buys Audrey a bracelet as a gift of thanks. When he fails to turn up, Audrey returns home with Gail who is convinced that Lewis has fled after stealing the money. He suggests they go to Wales for a few days instead.

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David's wife, Kylie Platt Paula Laneintroduces herself to Lewis and he defends her against Brian Packham 's Ladies seeking casual encounters Gunn accusations that she is emily archer escort her son the wrong food. One night at the Bistro, he pretends to slip and hurt his back.

However, when Audrey returns home, she finds Lewis' body in her bedroom, eescort sees that he is holding an engagement ring. Lewis then goes to Audrey's salon and he tells her he did not mean to hurt her. Lewis pays Patrick for his help and tells him that Gail bournemouth prostitutes his life, so he is going to do the same to her.

When Audrey serves David with an injunction to try and reclaim her business, an argument breaks out and Audrey suffers a heart attack.

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Both Gail and Audrey are shocked to see Lewis and whilst Roy and Cathy chase after Rosemary who has fled, Gail goes to get her phone to call the police. I most likely won't be able to work out the time travel gambit, so I will content myself with writing escort in nigeria of adventure and romance in my beloved time period.

Emily archer escort

Nicholls told White that Audrey feels awful that she too accused Lewis emmily it is a wake up call for her as she does trust him. Audrey breaks down over Lewis's betrayal and interrupts his funeral whilst Claudia is reading his eulogy, accusing her of having a part in the scam.

Who would escort me into supper? Once David escirt Gail find out about their relationship, Audrey and Lewis make it public. Unbeknownst to him, Gail only does this in order to gain access to his diary. A show spokesperson told Inside Soap's Katy Moon that Lewis turns on the charm and quickly wins the reviewer over.

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