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Pitbull's On the Floor sample of Kaoma's Lambada. Niggaz Nature Original Version. Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest Tumblr. Young Noble] Yo, to e'ry step I take, e'ry sell I make E'ry jail I break, e'ry mill' I ate Head to head, whoever hustle hardest On the block duckin' charges, nigga fuck the sergeant He got a job, all my bottles got a pinch of coke Listen tho' I'm missin' dough I gotta gather mo' Hell naw, dead blocks with red tops but now a nigga sell words For all my young thugs in jail in Jerz They made it hell 4 a hustler, I bails high as fuck son Dyin' luck none supply us with much guns I buck one, just to let you know that I can touch ya Slangin' cracks or raps, still hell 4 a hustler [Hook] Lord, help me change my ways Lord! Lil' Homies Original Version. Get on yo knees nigga, get on yo knees and pray [Verse 1:
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"Hell 4 A Hustler" lyrics

Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Makaveli] Next to the first Let's bring it to these niggas with some love Let's show niggas we understand what they goin' through We know that it's hell 4 a hustla out here With 3 strikes and jail and penitentiaries and police And task force, and snitches and bitches and niggas And playa haters, sit the fuck down Naw mean We got to build on this shit I got some real shit To hit your ass Let's spread love nigga Death Row done made a few fuckin' changes This is how we do this shit It's hell 4 a hustla Makaveli the Don with the Outlawz Throw your muthafuckin' guns in the air If you're truly livin' this criminal lifestyle All my Outlawz, to all you bitch made niggas Get on your knees nigga, aiite, get on your knees and pray [Chorus: Hell 4 a Hustler Lyrics Get on yo knees nigga, get on yo knees and pray [Verse 1:
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